Word Crew & 217bmx @ The MTF

Andrew Gray – “Just a few fun clips from hanging and riding bikes with Phil Bossmeyer, Devin Tyler Rembold, and Cody Angus of the world famous Word crew. We also have Chris Zidek, Philip Mayes, Bub Finney, and Mitchell Kent reppin the illustrious 217bmx. Mad jibs, everyone just having chill sesh in the freezing cold.
Film/Edit: Andrew Gray
Music: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “high””

The Curb Crew

“The Curb Crew is now official. So it needed a first official edit, and here it is. All clips are from 2014, using them up on this and then starting fresh on a much, much bigger project. Enjoy!

Riders: Chris Zidek, Bryce Arnold, James Dick, and John Provenzano.

Filmed: by all the homies

Edited: by Chris Zidek, and some help from James Dick”

Nick Jenks took the midnight train to Georgia.

Andrew – “Central Illinois and Indiana are thought of as shitholes by many and all but completely neglected from the thoughts of everyone else in the midwest. Every once in a while some new blood comes through that happens to ride/skate like a badass, maybe they go to school or moved to work in the area, but rarely stay long. It usually seems these people have their sights set somewhere else and this is more of a stepping stone in their life, a way to get to something bigger or better for them. Nick Jenks is one of those guys. He was only with us in the greater Terre Haute area for a short amount of time but he killed the parks and street as much as possible before moving down south and escaping the winter hellhole we currently find ourselves in. This edit is comprised of footage of him, some of the local shredders having his back on setups (including Austin Schoelkopf and Devon Miller on bmx, Nick Whitaker and Nyle Lovett on boards) plus a day I spent riding the park with everyone’s favorite, the techwizard Mark Hobbs. I thought this song would be fitting as this was the last he rode Indiana before taking that midnight train down to his new home in Georgia. You’re welcome to come back and visit any time man!”

Philip Mayes 2014

Phil- “The year started out with a lot of trips and riding with Chris Z. We were tripping every weekend until right around Memorial day when I met an amazing girl and ended up getting married on the 4th of July. I took a break from riding during that excitement but got back into it in the last couple months. This video is the result of the trips earlier this year and the last couple months of riding locally. Enjoy.”