The 217 is more than just a local BMX blog.  We are all about spotlighting anything good and creative in the 217 area code and beyond.

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19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, my name is Andy Savage, i am 14 years old and i love bmx. I ride every single day on my halfpipe and me and my buddies tear up local skateparks. I have been watching a lot of the videosa on this website and i think they are amazing. I have made a few edits of my own, I put them on youtube (my username is ajsavage122) if you could check them out and leave a comment that would mean a lot to me. keep up the good work.

  2. I’m a freshman at UIUC, and I’ve been looking for some trails to ride. I don’t know if anyone on here is interested in letting me know where any are, or interested in maybe helping me get some going, or just interested in riding with me in general. Reply to this if you have anything…

    • Hello, My Name’s Jeremy Garrett. I’m from the CU area.
      There’s nothing around the CU or close to here trail wise. Lots of street around here though, along with a park. Hit me up on Facebook or Google+

      Hope to ride with you sometime.

  3. I FUCKIN miss all of you guys. I hope i can go back on one day and we can ride all together. I Still live the 217bmx life here too :)
    My video is comin out coon and you gnna be the first who will see.
    LOVE YOU ALL. Hungarian guy

  4. If anyone in the springfield area wants some good photos, I’m a local photographer/ rider and love to take photos and ride. get at me on Facebook. Spencer Scott Day

  5. My son and i was driving around Bement this morning 6-21-12 and seen this web site on a car so i checked it out.i got 2nd in state in 1998 racing bmx.yes im old but im getting back into the scene.i dusted the ol’24 Widowmaker off and been riding around CG.i use to race for s&m and had alot of dealerships.its awsome to see local guys riding bmx.i took my pegs off and put a paper plate on and hit the track.the local scene was dead back in the day.send me a shout if you guys have anything to say.i have few videos of my own that my brother put together but its on VHS.ya im old school.steel is real.

    • awesome man! might see you around sometime. there’s a few riders in the Bement area.. I know they don’t ride much, but they still ride. hopefully we’ll get a chance to ride sometime.

  6. That would be a good deal.i just had my life turned upside down in February.and riding always soothed my soul.riding always helped me forget the trials and tribulations in life.and it also helped me to forget everything that is evil.when you focus on riding all problems seem to melt away.i dont have a 20inch right now but i would love to cruise the streets.

  7. Hey what’s up? I’m Tyler, I’m a freshman at ISU and I’m filming with Bryce! I can’t wait for a video to be up here!

  8. Hi, I’m from Jacksonville and I’ve been looking for people to ride with and I was just wondering if anyone was from around here or knew anyone that is….
    call or text 217-370-0828…. i also have bike parts for sale

  9. Hi my name is Brody Powell I am from Hoopeston IL, me and my friends all love BMX it is our passion. We all dream of becoming pro BMX riders. I ride with my crew of 3 best friends Ezra, Hunter, and Alex we would all be honered to be sponsored by you. we have no edits out yet we will drop one soon though. If you are interested please call or text 217-474-7400

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