Clip of the Week

Andy Savage At Rampriders

TJ Henderson gets the clip of the week with this sweet move at the MTF.

Macho Man Randy Savage comes through with a smooth line after getting his barspins locked in.

Scotti Morris with “pure style”

Scott David with a little Meow

Ryan Capranica goofing around while Tj films

Scott David doing a wallride thought shouldn’t be done.

Mr. Dick and Bence doing a “little” gap

Bence Agocs flyin


Jarett Gaines doing a trick out of something different

Bence Agocs trickin a ghetto ramp

JSapp finally starting to ride a bike.

How to snap a crankarm

Jarett Gaines riding something different


Josh Hansen amazing everyone


Mr. Henderson can always come through with something good no matter how cold it is.

Aaron Jones trickin it

Mitchell Kent with some clips.

Matt Cheek goin’ for a spin.

JGarr starting out 2011 the right way

Jason Hanselman skidding some concrete

Aaron Jones Flowin Ace

Jason Hanselman tuckin the Champaign box

A clip of Jarrett I have had forever on the computer

Couple kids gettin down with some freestyle walking

Shane getting stabbed by a trident

wtf?! how many people can say they’ve done this? James Dick can!

James and the poo wax

Jeff folding a rail over with his bare hands(and bike)

Jeff and Ryan giving some double love to a rail with Seth egging them on

Jeremy Garrett telling Ryan the rule of the house.

Seth Bedinghause singing about the Bahama’s while earning a sticker

James Dick, Did you just punch yourself in the face?

Jeremy Sapp, Josh Hansen and James Dick

Jake Grosshuesch Raps about Jeremy Sapp

Jeremy Sapp

Ryan Capronica

Jeremy Garrett Throwin shoes.

Jeff Kinsel getting his nohanded grind on

Tj Henderson just a little excited.

Ian Johnston practicing his scissor kick and garbage can removal techniques

How to straighten a wheel with TJ Henderson

Whoops forgot to update yesturday. TJ on his front wheel

David Hamilton and T.J. Henderson with some sick doubles action!

Corey Roberts coming through with a backflip flyout to Sparks chug at Centennial!

Brennon Kershaw shredding the nine wallride. The curb at the top of this thing is a foot tall!

8 thoughts on “Clip of the Week

  1. haha everyone loves a backflip. also lmfao thay actually sell spacks OUTSIDE of Kentucky? i thought that was like wine to them folk. haha

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