Cruising Effingham

Effingham park has begun letting locals add to their existing park and the result has made it our go-to local park to ride. Movable objects, tons of stuff to grind, and overall DIY/sketchy feel makes for some fun sessions. These clips are from 2 afternoons we got together to ride at the end of fall and our lil homie Sheldawg happened to get dropped off while we were their the 2nd time. He scored his first clip in an edit but look out for this kid, I can promise you he will have some dope footage this year. Also expect a long and much better edit from here as soon as spring starts.
Riders: Bub Finney, Mitchell Kent, Andrew Gray, Sheldon Lowe
Film/Edit: Andrew Gray


Andrew – “The MTF, our park away from parks, our winter wonderland, our grind factory, the place that keeps us in the 217 sane during this shitty event called Winter. This is the result of 3 sessions with Bub Finney, Phil Mayes, Jeremy Garrett, and James Dick joined us for one of them. If you’re into heavy grinding, 4 pegs, tech street moves, and SD filming then you’re in luck because this edit is chock full of it. Look out for Jeremy’s ender, I guarantee you’ve never saw this combo before.”

MTF 2013

Footage from the MTF from the past year. Clips from Bryce Arnold, TJ Henderson, Jeremy Garrett, James Dick, Dalton Edwards, Andy Savage, Mitchell Kent, Bowser, Chris Zidek, and Philip Mayes.

Time For Tidbits: Friday the 27th

Andrew-“And I bring you the 2nd helping of Time For Tidbits, featuring Bub and I jibbing around at the end of our sesh at the horrendous Charleston il prefab park. This place is like something out of a horror movie, it’s that terrible. But I was just starting to feel like shit before getting sick and Bub just got over being sick so we mostly just did a bunch of fun stuff all day and flimed a few lil things before taking off. “