The Mayes Training Facility(MTF)

The MTF is a private bmx riding training facility. Fun is prohibited as the only purpose is to create riders in the form of trick machines. By invitation only. You can request to ride here but that decision rests on the MTF Rider’s Committee of Awesomeness. People who ride here have been known to give out a lot of high fives and thumbs up. If you and your cronies use knuckles as celebratory shenanigans, you’re not welcome here. Knuckles are forbidden. Mustaches are encouraged as the MTF is not heated and Winter is coming. Suggestions for park improvements are encouraged and also donations are accepted for park improvements but The MTF does not guarantee that your donations won’t be used for cocaine.

Thank you,
MTF Management
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2 thoughts on “The MTF

  1. Hay what’s up I’m a old school bmx freestyler and I still ride hard but not as much as I used to when I was 16 I’m 31 now but I have new school kids I ride with around my town and at different skateparks one kid I ride with wants to be up their with Chad curly and dakoda roach

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