Wreck of the Week

Dalton Edwards ripping his shirt in a stylish way

Bryce Arnold Nipple Punch

James Dick OTB!

Austin Schoelkopf attempting the mattoon channel

Mr. Henderson Testing out the asphalt

Just an everyday thing for everyone

Tyler Tieman is back in the game of riding his bike.

Jeremy Sapp actually trying!

Chris Leach Floppin’ around

Jarett Gaines playin with a rail.

Smooth “wreck” from Jeremy Sapp

Bence Agocs getting his first treatment of champaign street.

Bryce at it again. I believe he wrecks about as much as he pulls a trick. Gotta love it!

Dickie trying something new

TJ Henderson Flying and Falling

Jarett Gaines trying to fly

This doesn’t happen often. Matt Cheek actually wrecking.

no matter how little the trick is.. Sapp can always mess it up.

Good Ol Mr. Henderson

Mitchell Kent makin’ sweet lovin’ to the ground

Bryce is always coming through with a nice one.

Gravity Kickin’ James Dick in the butt.

Jason Hanselman tuckin and rollin

Jgarr watch that right ankle!

Jeremy Sapp ripping his long johns

T.J. not bunnyhopping

Everyone gettin’ down at Centennial High School

Ryan Copronico taking a little break from double tire riding down a ledge

Tj Rolling?

Bryce Arnold showing you what not to do.


Bub Finney playing around on the ground.

Jeff Kinsel getting pissed

Chris Jones showing a proper case

T.J. Henderson sits down on the coping. Chris Costello edit

Ian Johnston taking some asphalt samples

James Dick almost there.

Bryce Arnold in a train wreck

Jeremy Sapp at it again.

Jeremy Sapp trying to step it up.

Another week, another Ian Johnston Wreck of the Week. I have been watching this dude pull some hammers lately!

Ian Johnston pulls tricks, just not right at this moment

Seth Beddinghause letting the streets take his

Josh Hansen takin it like a champ.

Ian Johnston getting his fall on

TJ Henderson Making love to a wall.

Jeff Kinsel doing an Armpit stall

Trent McDaniel takin’ it like a man.

Jeff Kinsel goes down on a back smacking bench to bench 180.

Trent McDaniel is dialed at the Scorpion Grind

Jason Hanselman loving the concrete floor at AceBikeShop

Jimmy Dick seems to think bike racks are soft to land on.

Ian Johnston with this wreck of the week. He was black and blue for a few weeks after this one.

Mark Hobbs coming through with the wreck of the week. Go Mark. Get well soon also.


Another TJ crash this morning. This took place about 12 hours into the flick “13 Hours.”


This was 2 months ago. Tj has more coming but this will do for now.


9 thoughts on “Wreck of the Week

  1. DAMN good thing he was out over the deck when that happened would have sucked to fell like that but then into the tranny..

  2. that thing needs replaced with a perfect 2 1/2-3ft street spine.., take out the lil roller piece to and make the spine reallllll wide.

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